Vertical Garden

About Vertical Garden

  • It is a vertical suspended panel placed on walls or on stands against walls on which vegetables, flowers or any decorative plants can be grown.
  • Where can you place this?
    1. Balcony
    2. Terrace
    3. Garden
    4. Any free wall
  • How much space does it take?
    A standard vertical garden is 5x4 ft (20 sq.ft), we can be customized to any size according to your walls!

Who is an Vertical Garden for?

  • Plant lovers who have compact balconies
  • People who want to beautify their free spaces
  • Homemakers who have gardening as a hobby
  • Busy people who have less time to maintain and water plants

Benefits of the Vertical Garden:

  • Minimize water usage
  • Better use of space
  • Adds beauty to any area
  • Provides an abundance of oxygen
  • Improved mood, reduced stress

Special features of the Vertical Garden:

  • Customisable size
  • Automatic drip system
  • Organic, light-weight mixture of soil
  • Easily replaceable planters
  • Portable stand/tower